Why Are Logos Important?



Think of McDonalds. What do you see? The golden arches? Or maybe you hear “I’m loving it” whispering in your ear. Now what about Nike? Do you think of the swoosh or do you think “Just do it”?


On the other hand companies have lesser known slogans but their logos are unmistakable. Did you know Twitter’s slogan is “Yours to discover”? I didn’t. But I bet you know their logo is a blue bird. Now think of Starbucks. You see the green mermaid with 2 tails but hear nothing because their is nothing to hear. Starbucks doesn’t have a slogan but it does have an identifiable logo.


Now go to their websites. There are no slogans visible anywhere. They are just engrained in our minds through advertisements, predominately tv and radio. Or if you never heard it before, the only way to know would be to look it up. But we always relate a product or business to the logo. We see it in the ads, on the site, on the business cards, menus, etc… There’s no way to think of a business and not envision the logo. Whether it be the font, a symbol, a picture, or a little of everything, it’s a necessity. You want people to see your business. When they need something, you want them to think of your business first.



Understanding SEO

Why Should I Blog?

By: Stephanie Fortin


Good question. Blogging keeps you relevant with all the search engines. If you don’t update the pages on your website, why would Google, MSN, Bing and the like notice you anymore than they already have? Blogging keeps you relevant.


Who doesn’t want to increase their search rankings. Blogging is as easy, maybe even easier than Facebook. You know your company and line of work better than anyone else, so tell people about it. Just mentioning key words, like what you do, helps the search engines rank you just a little higher each time you do so.


For instance, you could say something like this:


Marketing  is vital to any business. Web design  is especially important to any business looking to connect with more people. Web design  is your virtual business card. You want to look and feel credible. A good marketing  company will help you achieve this.”


Those italicized words are going to help BRAND get noticed when people search the words “marketing” and “web design”.


It’s that easy. You want to do this at least once a week so the search engines keep you on their radar. Think of how far you can jump in the ranks by just posting about yourself and what you do.