E-Commerce Solutions

Customers spent over $194 Billion dollars on online purchases in 2011, an increase of over 16% from the previous year. -internetretailer.com

Digital platforms have ignited online (E-Commerce) and mobile (M-Commerce) purchases.

With the market as competitive as ever, your business could be missing out on potential sales if you have not completely embraced E/M-Commerce.


Online, as well as web influenced offline sales are booming. Also, smartphone technology has created a unique and innovative customer experience for shoppers by way of custom mobile applications.


BRAND can integrate technology allowing your business to start selling your products or services online today.


Interesting Statistics


  • According to Forrester Research, by 2016 online retail sales combined with web-influenced offline spending will account for $1.99 trillion, or 52% of all retail spending in the United States. -forrester.com
  • 47% of US smartphone owners use shopping apps, accessing them an average of 17 times per month. –Nielsen
  • 96% of smartphone users have researched a product or service on their phone. -Google
  • 35% of smartphone users have purchased products or services on their mobile phones with 62% making mobile purchases at least once per month. -Google
  • Seasonally adjusted e-retail sales for the fourth quarter of 2011 totaled $51.4 billion, up 15.5% from $44.5 billion a year ago. –internetretailer.com